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Yes, I Love Sandals and Beaches Resorts. Here's Why...

Tom enjoying his amazing oxtail feast!

If you follow my blog or Facebook page or Instagram or just about any of my other social media accounts, you already know that I am a huge fan of Sandals and Beaches resorts. In fact, I recommend Sandals and Beaches resorts before any other brand.

This always makes people a little suspicious.

Is Sandals paying me to promote their brand? Am I getting some sort of kickback?

Nope. The story below illustrates why I love Sandals and Beaches resorts.

Clients of mine are heading to Beaches Ocho Rios and the dad will be celebrating his birthday while they are there. His wife contacted me to say that her husband, Tom, LOVES oxtail and she was wondering if they had it on property. I didn't know so I emailed Ruth Garnett, the sales manager at the resort.

She didn't reply to my email.

Instead, she calls me from Jamaica to say that they do, in fact, serve oxtail on their Jamaican cuisine days. Great, I think, we're covered.

Nope. Simply having oxtail available on property isn't enough, Ruth explains. She wants to surprise Tom and make his birthday extra special. She tells me that she will speak to the chef and ensure that oxtail is available ON Tom's actual birthday. They will be sure to have it ready.

Ruth further instructs me that, when the family arrives, Tom's wife is to ask to speak with Ruth, personally, so that they finalize the restaurant and time so that Tom can be surprised with his favorite dish on his birthday. She was adamant that his wife not tell Tom in advance. He should be surprised on his birthday.


Other resorts don't do this. They just don't.

Why do I always recommend Sandals and Beaches resorts? Of course, they have beautiful resorts, excellent food and premium alcohol, but it's the service that puts it over the top for me. The care and concern that each guest has an amazing experience puts Sandals and Beaches head and shoulders above their competition in my book.

Now you know.

Happy Travels!

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