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I Asked My Husband To Marry Me Again. He said, "No."

I've got a great story for you today, . This is a little long but, trust me, you want to hear this. It happened in 2007 when my 10th wedding anniversary was approaching. I decided that a vow renewal would be just the thing to celebrate our milestone. We already had a Walt Disney World trip planned to mark the event, so I figured we could add in the vow renewal as well. I imagined us reaffirming our love and commitment to each other on Sunset Point at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. It would be perfect. Until he said no. Yup, I asked this man to marry me again and his answer was, "I married you once. Wasn't that enough?"

Yes, we're still married.

Yes, he still has all his appendages.

No, he's not a jerk. He's actually a really sweet guy but, for whatever reason, he just didn't see the point. Fast forward thirteen years and we were getting ready to celebrate our 23rd anniversary. It's not a typical milestone anniversary, but our lives were definitely changing. Our kids, who were babies during that 10th anniversary debacle, were now all grown up. Two were out of the house and the last one was on his way out the door. Suddenly, we were faced with the reality of our day-to-day family life being just us. We have never been just us. I came to the relationship with a little girl in tow so we began our life together as a trio. This was going to be different. Once again, I asked him to marry me so that we could mark this new chapter of our lives. Basically, we would say "I do" to everything that's coming down the road.

My very smart husband enthusiastically agreed this time and I set up a Retie the Knot ceremony at Sandals Royal Caribbean. All I can say is, wow...

What a wonderful experience we had. It was just the two of us standing in front of the Caribbean sea with a really funny officiant who brought us both to happy tears. We followed that with chosen our hors d'oeurves, signature cocktail, and yummy wedding cake (the cake tasting was so much fun!) at a table near the sea. That night, we were treated to a special meal with white glove service. It was an incredibly meaningful day for both of us. I know that Bil agreed to do this for my sake, but even he agreed that it was a truly wonderful and poignant way to start our new chapter. If you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or just a milestone in your life or relationship, I would highly recommend a Retie the Knot ceremony. It's a wonderful experience, and it's affordable, too. For just $300 you get...

  • A personal planning team

  • Picturesque Ceremony Location

  • Bouquet Boutonniere:

  • White cushioned Chiavari chairs for all guests

  • Pre-recorded musical accompaniment of your choice.

  • Commemorative Retie the Knot certificate

  • Complimentary 5"x7" wedding photo

  • Celebration Cake

  • Table setting with white linens, silverware and crystal

  • White cushioned Chiavari chairs for all guests

  • Cocktail reception with sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres

  • Bride and Groom signature cocktail

  • Breakfast in bed with mimosa on any morning of your choice

  • Romantic turndown service with flower petals

  • Honeymoon Dinner in a specialty restaurant

Try this. You won't be sorry. Until next time...


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