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Hotel Xcaret Arte -- an HONEST review

I just got back from Hotel Xcaret Arte, , and it was, overall, a wonderful experience. Wonderful, but not perfect.

Today, I'd like to bring you an honest review of this resort, bugs and all. (Yes, there were BUGS!) First, let me say that our trip was truly enjoyable and all three of us really had a great time at the resort. However, we did encounter some very frustrating circumstances. The good news is that now that we've experienced these frustrations firsthand, we've put procedures into place to ensure that our guests never have to deal with these issues. At Hotel Xcaret Arte, a travel agent with direct resort contacts (like me!) is essential to a smooth trip.

So, on to the review: Overall rating: A- Pros:

  • Stunning resort. The resort is incredibly beautiful. Everything is built to live harmoniously with the Mexican landscape. The natural rivers that run throughout the resort add to the ambiance.

  • Cleanliness. The resort was incredibly clean and well-kept. Staff members were constantly cleaning and maintaining the property.

  • The beds! These were, quite honestly, the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on.

  • The food. The food, overall, was some of the best and most unique food I have had at any resort. There was a real focus on fresh, authentic cuisine and it was delicious.

  • The inclusions. Since this was a short trip, we only had the chance to visit one of the included parks -- Xcaret Park. If that had been the only park included, it would have made a stay at Hotel Xcaret Arte an incredible value (it was a great park) and you have eight parks and tours included.

  • The staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and always happy to help.

Actual photo snapped with my iPhone. Stunning!


  • The art classes. This was a real disappointment as they heavily advertise that you can take art classes. What they don't tell you is that there are only roughly 50 spaces per day across ALL the classes in a 900-room resort. This means your chance of getting into a class is pretty much nonexistent.

  • Dining reservations. As requested, I emailed the resort prior to arrival to make dining reservations. In fact, I emailed three times and never got a response. When we attempted to make reservations on arrival, everything was booked. Note: I now have a personal contact to make my clients' dining reservations so that this does not happen to those booked with me!

  • Lack of information. Information was very hard to find and was not offered where it should have been. For instance, we were not told how to schedule our COVID tests to return home or our transport back to the airport. Note: I have all the information written up for my guests so they don't have to go hunting.

  • Confusion. There was a definite feeling that the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing and we often got conflicting or incorrect information from staff members. Note: I have all the correct info to share with my guests!

  • BUGS! They were even in the food! OK, this is a joke. The Oaxacan restaurant had several dishes that included insects. My daughter ate an insect tostada. Ew...

Insect tostada...

Who Should Go?

Hotel Xcaret Arte is a great option for:

  • Travelers looking for a resort that doesn't feel like every other all-inclusive resort out there. The resort and the clientele(which is only about half American) offer a really unique experience.

  • Foodies. (10-course Mexican-Chinese fusion tasting menu, anyone?)

  • Adventurers. Ziplining, driving ATVs through the jungle, subterranean river swimming -- all included.

  • History buffs. Tours to the ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itza included.

Was our stay at Hotel Xcaret Arte perfect? No. Did we have a great time? Absolutely.

Would I visit again? I've already booked my 25th anniversary trip for next August! Ready to visit? Call me at 804-833-8050 or email

Happy Travels!

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