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Unlimited Spa Treatments on Your Honeymoon? Yup! And you don't have to be rich to afford them!

Have you ever been to a nude beach, ?

Well, I toured one on my last trip to Jamaica and it was...interesting. I wasn't really sure where to look. I have to say, it was a gorgeous beach with its own bar and grill and even a pool. The au naturel crowd seemed to be having a great time! But, I'm not really here to talk to you about nude beaches. I want to chat about UNLIMITED SPA TREATMENTS for your honeymoon! How are these things related? Couples Resorts! When I was in Jamaica last month, I had the privilege of touring two of the resorts in the Couples collection and I have to say I was impressed! These were gorgeous, relaxing resorts with a cool, Jamaican vibe. They both had secluded nude beaches (all Couples Resorts do), but one had something I could not believe -- UNLIMITED SPA TREATMENTS. Yup. Couples Tower Isle features amazing Oasis Spa Villas that include unlimited spa treatments during your stay. These private villas offer a separate bedroom and living area, a private plunge pool, and unlimited spa treatments throughout the stay. "These are great," I thought, "but I'll bet they cost a bajillion dollars." But, then I went back to my hotel room and priced out a 6-day/5-night vacation and it was only about $4,000 per couple! I was floored. Now, that didn't include air but when you consider that airfare to Jamaica from most major gateways is less than $500 per person, you are talking about getting a top-tier villa with unlimited spa treatments for about $5,000. That's insane! Oh, and did I mention that the entire resort was gorgeous, the service was spectacular, and the food was delicious? Or did I have you at unlimited spa treatments?

Doesn't this sound like heaven for your honeymoon?

I think it's time we chatted, don't you?


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