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Should You Book 2021 Travel Now?

Are you ready to travel?  I know I am! But...the world is a pretty scary place right now, so traveling may not be on your radar for quite some time.  However, many of my clients are beginning to wonder if now might be the time to book their travel for next year. You know, it would at least give them something to look forward to and they've heard there are some amazing deals out there.  

So, is now the time to book for 2021?


The reality is that some travel companies are offering truly fabulous pricing with a ton of flexibility. You can book your 2021 travel now, get an great deal and, then, if things don't work out for whatever reason, you can cancel and get your money back.

Other companies aren't being so generous.

For the flexible offers, it makes sense to book now so that if you can travel next yearyou will get the best possible price. If you can't travel, you are out nothing.

If you are thinking of traveling in 2021, what are the offers you should consider?

Book these now:

All-inclusive Resorts  Many all-inclusive resorts are offering deep discounts if you book now.  The Hard Rock discount mentioned below is a $350 savings over the current discounted price.  Unico, Sandals and many other all-inclusive resorts have incredible offers available as well.

Cruises  Cruises can currently be booked through 2022 and the prices are incredibly low. I just booked my own 2022 25th anniversary cruise in Hawaii and saved over $1000 when compared to pricing six months ago.  

National Parks Tours  If you are thinking of staying closer to home for a while, now is the time to consider a tour of the National Parks.  Discounts are averaging $450 per person for 2021 departures.  

Booking your 2021 travel now will save you money and may help save your sanity while we wait for things to get back to something resembling normal.

I've listed a few of my favorite offers below, but there are lots of others.  If you have an idea, let's chat and I will tell you, honestly, if now is the right time to book.

Until we meet again, stay well!

2021 Travel Offers

Email for more information about the offers below!

Hard Rock All-Inclusive Resorts

The Hard Rock Resorts in Mexico and Punta Cana are offering an amazing deal where a family of four can enjoy a three-day, all-inclusive vacation starting at just $954! That's total, not per person. You purchase now and choose your dates later. It's completely refundable, too, if you decide that travel isn't right for you. 


UNICO 20° 87°

If you are looking for the ultimate, all-inclusive experience then you are looking for UNICO 20° 87°.  This stunning, adults-only resort in the Riviera Maya offers an amazing, authentic experience.  Enjoy a 3-day stay starting at  just $1189.00 per couple! Purchase now and choose your dates later. If you decide not to travel at all, the voucher is fully refundable.


National Parks Tours

Whether you dream of exploring the American Southwest,  you want to experience New England in the fall or you're dying to walk in the footsteps of the Founders, there is a National Parks Tour for you. Pricing starts at just $1389 per person for a 7-day tour including most meals and all activities.  Take a look at the options here

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