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Why Does Your Direct Flight Have A Stop?

One of the most common requests that I get when booking travel for my clients is for a direct flight to the destination.  "Christine, we need a direct flight. We don't want to make any stops."

Hmmmm....if you don't want to make any stops, then you don't want a direct flight.


You heard me. If you won't want to make any stops, you don't want a direct flight. You want a nonstop flight.

There's a difference.

Nonstop flights go from one airport to another without ever touching the ground. You, quite literally, don't stop.

Direct flights will take you from one airport to another and you will not have to change planes but you may make one or more stops along the way. Southwest, in particular, utilizes this model frequently.

It's important to know the difference because the flight you choose will directly impact your vacation.

Nonstop flights will get you to your destination in the shortest period of time, but they are going to cost you more.

Direct flights can take hours longer to get you where want to go, but they are generally less expensive than nonstop flights.

Choosing Your Flight The choice between a nonstop flight and a direct flight is purely personal, but here are a couple of things to consider:

  • How long is your trip?  If you are scooting out for a long weekend, then a direct flight could take a serious bite out of your beach time.  If you are going to be gone for a full week, then the extra few hours to reach the beach might be worth the savings.

  • How do you feel about flying?  If you are a white-knuckle flier, then getting to your destination in the shortest amount of time may be worth a few extra dollars.In the end, your flights are the way you start and end your vacation.  Be sure you are getting what you really want and what suits you best.

If you need more information, I am always here to help!

Happy Travels!

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