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Why I'm Retying the Knot 4 Months Before My 22nd Anniversary

Outside a cafe in Paris during one of our "alone" vacations

Bil and I are heading to Sandals Royal Caribbean in a few days and we've decided to have a Retie the Knot ceremony. It's not our anniversary (we are traveling in May and our anniversary is in August) and it's not a milestone year. But, we are celebrating anyway.


We realized that this trip marks the start of an new chapter in our lives. That is something worth celebrating.

You see, our children aren't children anymore. Two of our kids are out of the house with the last one following hot on their heels. Although he doesn't go to college for two more years, he did just get his driver's license which means he's already gone a lot more.

And we find ourselves alone for the very first time.

You see, when we married, I already had Miranda, so it's always been at least the three of us. Over the years, that expanded to be the five of us. We were a busy, happy family juggling five schedules, tackling mountains of laundry and creating memories around the world as we traveled.

It's never been just Bil and me for more than the length of a vacation. We are stepping into unfamiliar waters. Now, it's dinner for two, a lot more free time and a new focus for our lives. It's a bit sad and a lot exciting.

And it's worth celebrating.

So, we decided to renew our vows during this upcoming trip to mark the start of this exciting new chapter. The waves will do the clapping as we recommit to our life together. Just the two of us.

What next chapter should you be celebrating?

I'll be sharing the entire journey here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow along. It's going to be exciting!

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