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What Do You Really Get With The Free Wedding at Sandals?

You see the ads all the time -- Stay for 3 Nights and Get a Free Wedding!

Sure. It's free but is it anything you would actually want to have?

Many resorts offer free wedding but, unless you upgrade a lot of items, it's not something most brides and grooms would want. With Sandals, the free wedding is actually perfect for the couple who wants something simple and elegant. Plus, with Sandals Customizable Weddings, you can add one or two special touches for just a few dollars if you want to make things extra special.

What Does The Free Wedding Include?

Before You Arrive

  • Personal wedding planning team You will "meet" with your wedding planning team twice before arrival. First, when you set the date and then a second time where you will discuss all the details such as your preferred location (although this can be changed once you are on-site), necessary documentation, and types of vows. You can also reserve specialty times or locations such as the Over Water Chapel or Twilight Hour. The second meeting can be done either over the phone or by video chat so that you can get to know your planner.

  • Preparation of marriage documents

  • Receive a Luxury Destination Wedding Garment Bag This is a really nice freebie to get your dress from your home to the resort.

After Arrival

After you arrive on property, you will be contacted by your wedding planner to set up a time to meet. During your meeting, you will do the following:

  • Cake tasting You get to try all the cake and filling flavors to choose your favorite. (Carrot cake and piña colada filling is amazing)

  • Location confirmation One of the best thing about Sandals weddings is that they only schedule one per hour. This means that all the locations are always available. Your wedding planner will take you to your chosen location and will show you other options as well. You can pick your favorite knowing that it will be available.

  • 30-min foot massage and manicure Your planner will take you to the spa to schedule your foot massage and manicure. You can split this however you like -- foot massage for the groom and manicure for the bride, both for the bride or both for the groom.


  • Bouquet and Boutonniere A bridal bouquet and a groom’s boutonniere of fuchsia yellow Mokara orchids This is a five-stem bouquet and it's really pretty. It's not a huge bouquet, but it definitely makes a statement. You can have all yellow, all fuchsia or a mix of both

  • Chiavari chairs with cushions for all guests You can have as many chairs as you like at the ceremony, within the occupancy limits of your chosenlocation (Note that the pink chair backs in the picture are not included, but they are only $5 apiece if you want them)

  • Pre-recorded musical accompaniment of your choice You can choose from a vast selection of music or you can play music from your phone if the resort doesn't have what you are looking for. Be prepared to choose three songs -- processional, recessional and first dance.

  • Complimentary 5”x7” wedding photo You can choose to purchase a package in advance, purchase individual photos, or just take the free one.


  • Wedding Cake Enjoy a two-tiered white fondant wedding cake with fuchsia and yellow Mokara orchids. Again, you can choose to have just yellow or just fuchsia if you prefer.

  • First Dance You will enjoy a first dance to the song of your choice

  • Table setting of white china, sparkling crystal, and crisp white linens

  • Centerpiece of fuchsia and yellow Mokara orchids

  • Chiavari chairs with cushions for up to eight guests

  • Cocktail reception with sparkling wine and hors d'oeuvres You will get a dedicated server who will take special care of you and your guests

  • Bride and Groom Signature Cocktail


  • Breakfast in bed with mimosa on any morning of your choice This is just a room service breakfast so, if you are staying in a Club or Butler Level room you could get this anyway, but it's still a nice touch. If you are in a Luxury Level room, it's a fun perk

  • Romantic turndown service with flower petals on the first evening of your honeymoon

  • Honeymoon dinner with white-glove service in a specialty restaurant You select the restaurant and then you will choose your menu in advance. You get a dedicated server who will give you special attention and even wear white gloves!


  • No pressure Although the wedding planner will, of course, tell you about all the upgrades available, there is absolutely no pressure to add on to the free wedding

  • Personal attention You get the same personal attention as couples planning a large wedding. You never feel "lesser" because you aren't spend a ton of money

  • Lots of Inclusions The free wedding really does include everything you need for a memorable day


If you are looking for an over-the-top wedding blowout, then you are going to want to customize your wedding from start to finish. The good news is that, with Sandals, you are not tied to a specific package. You can customize every element from start to finish if you like. But, that is a blog for a different day...

If you are looking for a simple, but elegant, ceremony and reception, the Sandals free wedding fits the bill. It has all the elements of a beautiful wedding and the staff treats you just the same as if you were having a $10,000 wedding, so you still feel special on your big day.

My advice? Schedule the free wedding, spend $50 to add a few fun touches, and then have everyone head to one of the restaurants for a fabulous meal to keep the celebration going!

Need more information or advice for planning your special day? Contact Christine at 757-797-TRIP (8747) or

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