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Retying The Knot -- Reserving the Date

The decision to have a Retie the Knot (vow renewal) ceremony during our trip to Sandals Royal Caribbean as a last-minute one. I wasn't even sure that Sandals would be able to do it on two weeks' notice but I figured I would call. It never hurts to ask!

I was oddly nervous. Somehow, it felt weird to be going through this whole process when it was only going to be the two of us. It felt somehow less legitimate than a "real" wedding or vow renewal. Also, I knew that I only wanted the very basic package (last-minute decision = low budget), so I figured they would just kind of do the bare minimum.

I'm happy to report that all of my fears were unfounded.

When I called, I spoke with a lovely woman (whose name I forgot to write down). I explained that I was looking for a date just two weeks in the future for a Retie the Knot ceremony. She was extremely friendly and helpful. She found a date and time that would work for us, asked about any guests and went over all the details with me.

She set up a pre-arrival appointment with our wedding planner, Tameka, let me know that I had to email a copy of my marriage certificate to her and hand-carry the original (or a certified copy) to the resort, and took my payment.

Easy peasy!

She really made me feel special and valued which, quite honestly, I wasn't expecting. We aren't a big ceremony with 50 guests. It's just the two of us doing a last-minute celebration of this new chapter of our lives (which you can read about here).

It didn't matter.

I was treated just like a bride and, I will admit, I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I was expecting! After the call, I was excited and a bit anxious. I have no idea why. It's not like Bil was going to bail on me after 22 years. I actually enjoyed the feeling. It reminded me of the butterflies I had right before our wedding.

So, here we go...

Follow along as I take you along this unexpectedly enjoyable journey!

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