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5 Reasons To Book Your 2021 Vacation Now

Even when I'm not traveling, I'm always thinking about my next trip. Even though travel is paused for now, this statement is still totally true - I'm just thinking a bit further ahead when I think about my next trip.

Personally, I think it's the perfect time to book your vacation for next year.

Here are five good reasons to get your next trip on the books:

1. Give yourself something good to think about. This year has definitely been rough, and I know that I'm definitely in need of something to think about that doesn't involve the current situation with coronavirus. Having a trip booked, even if it's still many months or a year out, gives me something to plan for and to look forward to. It's amazing how much of a difference having something fun on the horizon can make, so give yourself something to look forward to!

2. Amazing deals. Many destinations -- particularly all-inclusive resorts and cruise lines -- are offering incredible deals for travel in 2021 and beyond. You can book the vacation of your dreams at a lower price than you ever imagined possible.

3. You can pay over time. Another advantage of booking your trip early is that you can pay as you go. Most of the destinations I work with only require a small deposit in order to hold your trip, and then you can make payments over time towards your trip. This is a budget-friendly way to split up the cost of the trip over several months. For instance, if you book a trip for next summer, you'll have about a year to make payments.

4. Increased flexibility. Most destinations and most airlines have instituted much more flexible change and cancellation policies. This means that you can book your 2021 travel now and, if you decide not to travel, you can change or cancel your trip without penalty.

5. Time to Prepare. If you're traveling out of the country, booking your trip for next year will also give you time to prepare any essential documents you'll need, especially passports. If you don't have your passport, or if you need to renew, the process is currently taking much longer than it would under normal circumstances. Passport processing closed down for several months and is only just starting to reopen to new applications, and they're still working through a backlog of applications from the closure. Planning your trip for next year gives you plenty of time to start on this process if you need to apply for your passports.

There are so many advantage to booking your 2021 travel now. We need to chat right away! Email me at or click here to see our current specials.

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