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5 Myths About Using A Travel Agent

The internet has made booking flights and dream vacations easier than ever before, so why would anyone still use a travel agent? Well, the fact of the matter is that travel agents can, and will, make sure that you have the best trip possible. Yet, some people still believe a bunch of myths about our noble profession.

It's time to put these old myths about travel agents to bed once and for all.

“Nobody uses a travel agent anymore!”

Actually, travel agents are quite popular! Travel agents still book about half of all flights, about half of all hotels, and almost 90% (wow!) of all cruises. Travel agents are easy to use and exceedingly helpful (and knowledgeable) timesavers. It is safe to say that plenty of people still reap the rewards of using an agent.

“It will be faster if I just do it myself.”

It might be, but chances are that you will find yourself investing hours upon hours into figuring out the most minute details about your trip. Phone calls, extensive research, itinerary planning, etc. will eat your time away. Using a travel agent will free up your day so that you can move on to bigger, better things.

“I know exactly what I want.”

You do! And your favorite travel agent can help you make the trip you want as amazing and effortless as possible. Agents have toured resorts, hotels, and excursions all over the world. Your agent will make sure that you go on the best excursions and stay in the best hotels for you. They may even be able to find you something you wouldn’t have otherwise known about; your travel agent can book you a dream vacation you didn’t even know existed!

“I can find better deals.”

Your travel agent is going to be able to find the exact same deals as you, and then some. Agents have access to tools that the average consumer can’t access or use. Oftentimes an agent will be able to quote your trip at a lower price, and save you the trouble of digging through various travel sites looking for the best option.

“I don’t want to pay for a travel agent.”

You don’t have to! Travel agents make a commission on the trips they book, so there is no need to charge any extra fees. Reputable agents will not charge you a service fee or booking fee; they will book your trip at no extra cost to you!

With all the advantages to using a travel agent, why would you ever waste time and money doing it yourself?

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